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Five Ways to Stay Cool During Summer Baseball Season

Summer is here. There are no more cool days on the baseball field. Instead, you need to think about ways to beat the heat. One of the most important is staying hydrated, especially when practicing or playing games. This blog is going to provide you with five tips for ensuring your children stay cool on the field even when the sun is beating down.

1. Drink Plenty of Water

Make sure your child is hydrating before, during, and after a game or practice time. This is essential to prevent dehydration and keep little ones cool while on the field. To assist with energy levels and electrolytes, sports drinks can also be sipped. They provide important nutrients and come in tasty flavors that kids enjoy.

2. Wear Light Colors

While black might be a trendy color, it acts as an insulator and absorbs heat faster than lighter colors. Whenever possible, outfit your child in light-colored clothing when it’s hot outside. This can help to prevent excessive sweating, discomfort, or even heat stroke. A few of the best colors include white, cream, and baby blue.

3. Spend Time in the Shade

If there’s a shaded area near the baseball diamond, make sure your child knows to spend time there occasionally. Shaded areas are essential to keep players comfortable when the sun is beating down. Shelters, umbrellas, and other shading items should be available to keep your child feeling good.

4. Wear a Cap

Most kids involved in baseball will have a cap or two that they can wear during the summer months. A high-quality version can keep the sun’s glare from getting in their eyes when training or in a game. Caps can be worn during any type of physical activity to offer respite from the heat.

5. Use Ice Packs

Gel ice packs are a great item to provide for your child if they do baseball in the summer. These little packs can be placed on the wrists, neck, or other areas to provide a rush of coolness and drop their body temperature. This is an excellent way to ensure your child can play hard without discomfort.

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