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How to Get Student Athletes Ready for the School Year

As a new school year is upon us, many kids are either going back to sports they love or choosing something new to pursue. Encouraging your child to be physically active is important. It can provide health benefits that last their entire life. However, you want to be sure you help them prepare in the right way to avoid problems.

Let Kids Explore Various Activities

For kids who may be tired of one sport and ready to try something new, let them explore a variety of activities. Make sure you provide an environment where a child is encouraged to be active in various ways. This could mean taking walks with the family, engaging in physical play, or trying the newest exercise trends.

It should be interesting and fun so a child sees that exercise can be enjoyable. Once a kid finds something they like, they can work on it in the long term.

Consider the Heat

In areas where the heat can beat down, give kids time to adjust to the sun and heat exposure. Even exercising outside for a week before training starts can be useful. You want to be sure children have water or other hydrating beverages available to prevent illnesses related to heat.

Kids can recover from workouts with plenty of sleep and a good diet. Keep a healthy sleep schedule and create a diet of unprocessed foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, grains, proteins, and complex carbohydrates.

At the same time, the diet should be tuned to the sports a child does. Those who engage in heavy training may need to eat several times a day to ensure they get the calories their bodies need.

Pay Attention to Complaints of Pain

If a child is complaining about pain, that’s something to take seriously. Most kids won’t make up feelings of pain. If a child has trouble performing, throwing, or running the way they usually do, it’s a good idea to speak with a sports medicine professional.

In many cases, these injuries occur when a child is pushed to go too far too fast.

Doing what is right for your child is the most important preparation step for the school year. The right method will depend on the child and what sports they are involved in. Going too far too fast can result in injuries so take things slow. This will ensure your child is happy and healthy to enjoy the sports they love.

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