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The Benefits of Having a Workout Partner

Fitness is an important part of athletics. Building muscle helps you hit farther, run faster, and perform better overall. The problem is that working out alone is boring and can even be dangerous. Working out with a partner is a much better option. Let’s explore some of the benefits of having a workout partner.


Working out with a partner helps you overcome some of the dangers inherent in going it alone. For instance, using free weights is always better/safer with a friend. They can act as your spotter while doing bench presses, ensure that you don’t overload yourself, and more.


Let’s face it. When we’re working out by ourselves, we’re all tempted to just quit and call it a day. Having a workout partner ensures accountability – there’s someone else there to keep you showing up and going the distance. In return, you do the same for them and you both get more out of the workouts in the long run.

Friendly Competition

If you’re involved in youth sports, you understand how competition can make you play your hardest. Chances are good that you hit harder and run faster during a game than during practice against your own teammates, for instance. Having a workout partner adds that element of fun competition to your workouts, helping you push your boundaries while being safe about it.

Trying New Things

When we work out on our own, most of us get stuck doing the same thing over and over again. It can be daunting to try something new. There’s no one around to tell you if your form is good, or if you need to change something up. When you have a workout partner, you’re more likely to be adventurous and try new things, and so are they. That pushes both of you to build muscle, increase endurance, enhance speed, and become a more well-rounded athletes.


Finally, working out with a buddy turns what could be a boring chore into a lot of fun. Exercise can be hard, but with a friend, it’s a blast. And when you have fun doing something, you’re more likely to do it again.

Working out with a buddy is safer, more fun, and helps both you and your partner get more out of it. If you want to learn more about working out and the benefits that it helps with, for the future of your child’s baseball career, contact us today at Schaumburg Seminoles. 

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