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The Best Exercises During Off-Season

Off-season is the perfect time for youth athletes to get ready for the games that are coming in the future weeks and months. When you want to be sure you play your absolute best, this is the time to make sure you’re in shape and improving your abilities. 

Doing a few exercises in the off-season can reduce your risk of injuries and improve coordination at the same time. The workouts below are designed for youth baseball players who want to play at their very best.

Do Some Warmups

Warmups are important to get the body moving and ready to take on challenges. There are numerous ways to get started with a workout. It could be as simple as jogging for two minutes and doing stretches of the upper and lower back, shoulders and arms, and hamstrings and quads.

Walking lunges and arm circles and swings can also get the body loosened up and ready for more serious activity. 

Great Off-Season Workouts

You don’t need to spend tons of money or travel to stay in shape for the baseball season. If you don’t have weights or equipment, use what you do have. For instance, you can lift milk jugs or canned goods instead. 

  • Planks – Go into a pushup position with the forearms on the floor shoulder length apart. Stay in this position for about 20 seconds and repeat up to five times with breaks in between.
  • Pushup sprints – Learn to accelerate fast with this exercise. Lie on your stomach in a specific area and then jump up and sprint to the other side of the space. Do this three times with a one-minute break in between each sprint.
  • Lateral raises – With weights in hand, stand on solid ground. Raise the weights to your shoulders, lower them down, and keep doing this 15 to 20 times.

Don’t Forget to Cool Down

After the workout is done, make sure to cool down. This reduces muscle soreness and prevents future injuries. Consider doing some overhead stretches, high kicks, and iron crosses to get the body relaxed and ready to move on to other things. This is an important part of any workout.

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