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Keeping Kids Active This Winter: Tips and Advice

The winter months are the hardest time to keep your kids active. However, it’s just as important to keep them moving during the winter as in the summer. An active winter will keep them in healthy condition when the weather warms back up. 

Fun Indoor Activities

Let’s face it: many of us can’t spend much time outside in the winter because it’s cold. However, you can keep your kids moving inside with some creative activities. 

Make Commercial Time Exercise Time

When the TV cuts to a commercial break, have your kids do jumping jacks or another quick exercise until their favorite show comes on. If there aren’t commercials on the show they’re watching, set a timer for the middle of the episode or every 15 minutes. 

Play Interactive Video Games

Have a family game night with games like Just Dance or Wii Sports. These games will increase your heart rate and are a fun way to have quality time as a family. 

Have Dance Parties

Kids love to dance. Take a break from TV or tablets and have a dance party. Put on some upbeat music and encourage your kids to dance around the music. You can choose interactive songs like the Cha Cha Slide or play their favorites. 

Build an Obstacle Course

Use items around your house to build an obstacle course for your kids to complete. Whether you use your furniture, boxes, or other items on hand, this can be a fun way for your kids to get some energy out. 

Do a Clean-Up Sprint

This helps you clean up toys and lets your kids release energy. Set a timer for 10 minutes and have your kids clean up as much as they can in that time. You’ll be surprised at how fast they move to get their chores done. 

Outside Activities

You can do some fun winter activities that will get your kids moving. If you play outside, ensure your kids have plenty of layers on to keep them safe in the cold weather. 

If you get a lot of snow, go sledding or have a snowball fight. On milder days, go on a family bike ride or play some basketball as a family. 

Activity Is Important All Year

Keep your kids active even when it’s cold outside. This will keep them in great shape for when their warm-weather sports start back up. Plus, it will keep them from sitting and using electronics all day, along with other perks. It’s worth the creativity! Contact Schaumburg Seminoles today to learn more!

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