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Taking the Pressure Off with Team Sports: Getting Kids Back to Having Fun

As parents, we want our children to succeed at everything they do. When they decide to play a team sport, a perfect opportunity to push them to be their best self arises. However, this motivation can soon become too much pressure on young children, causing them stress. This pressure can take the fun out of the sport they want to play. 

It’s not too late to fix this trend. With the right mindset, the fun of competitive sports can come back, and kids can get back to having fun and learning to play as a team. 

How to Take the Pressure Off Your Kids

We want our kids to put their best effort into whatever team sports they choose. However, it’s important to remember specific people are in each role in your child’s life. One of the biggest ways to relieve pressure from your kid is to let their coach do the coaching

Instead of coaching your child to be a better player, cheer them on and tell them what they did right in each game, even if they lost. Let them know they don’t have to win or be a perfect player to be a good player. Their coach will focus on improving the skills needed to perform well. 

It’s also important to talk to your child about their sport. If they seem upset after a hard practice or a disappointing loss, let them know you’re there for them. Giving them a loving outlet to express their feelings will help relieve a lot of stress they would otherwise hold in. 

The support you can give your child differs from the support their coach gives. You have a special parent-child bond that impacts your child more than any other relationship will at this point in their life. Use that to remind them that they’re playing sports for fun and no other reason. 

Most importantly, don’t idolize sports in your child’s life. Make sure they know that the sport they’ve chosen to play is a part of their life, not their whole life. This becomes more important as they age and compete for high school teams and college scholarships. Creating this foundation early on makes it easy for them to enjoy their favorite sport for years to come. 

At the end of the day, let your kids be kids, let their coach do the coaching, and be the loving support they need no matter how they perform. Contact Schaumburg Seminoles to learn more!

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