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The Importance of Rest When Training

You love the sport of baseball, and you want to do everything you can to improve yourself physically, knowing it will make you better at the sport. While it’s certainly commendable that you want to reach peak physical perfection, you also need to make sure you are going about it the right way. If the only thing you are doing is training and foregoing your rest days, you are barreling toward disaster.

Below, we’ll be looking at some of the reasons why rest days are so important when it comes to physical excellence and high performance.

Allow Muscles to Heal and Grow and Reduce the Risk of Injury

If you don’t get any rest, you won’t give your body a chance to grow and adapt. This means you’ll end up slowing down that growth. It could slow your progress. After all, the body requires rest for the muscles to become stronger.

When you don’t give your muscles time to recuperate, it also puts you at a higher risk of injury. This could mean more sprains, strains, and even muscle tears if you are not careful.

You Won’t Overtrain

Overtraining syndrome is a problem with athletes of all levels. It occurs when you don’t give your mind and body enough time to rest and recover. If this goes on long enough, it will result in burnout both physically and mentally. This could end up derailing you for longer than you imagine.

It’s Good for the Immune System

Regular exercise can help to strengthen your immune system and keep colds at bay. However, if you are exercising too much, it could put you at a higher risk of developing upper respiratory tract infections. If you get sick because you aren’t getting enough rest, it means missed practices and missed games.

Rest Helps You Stay Motivated

Training is fun for you, and it’s something that you don’t want to give up. Having a rest day or two each week will help you keep that motivation to train. You won’t feel burned out, and you will be excited to get back to the gym or out on the field to train and practice.

So, as eager as you might be to put in 110% every single day, it’s not the right workout strategy to use. You should make sure that you take a couple of rest days per week. You also need to be sure you are getting enough rest at night, so you have the energy to train.

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