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Can Youth Sports Prepare Your Child for a Career?

Many children spend their childhood on the ball field, participating in one sport or another. Parents are excited to watch their little ones learn social skills and competition. You may wonder if youth sports can prepare your child for a career if this is you. The answer may surprise you.

The Relationship Between Sports and Careers

Participating in sports teaches children many different skills that cross over into careers. Social skills, life skills, personal responsibility, occupational and academic skills, and leadership skills are all learned from playing sports. These skill sets may be learned on a ball field, but as an adult, these skills will be necessary to have a successful career, regardless of what type of work the child chooses.

Social Skills

Children and adults need social skills to get along with others in the field or the workplace. Sports teach teamwork and social responsibility. Children learn to accept responsibility for their actions and to accept that others have input into the game. It’s not all about them. These skills are necessary later in life as they transition into college life and careers.

Working together as a team to score a goal teaches them the importance of working with others toward a common goal. Teamwork also helps them learn to make decisions using the input of others.

Life Skills

Sports also teach children a variety of life skills. Learning these skills hands-on will help them utilize them in the future. These life skills include:

  • Goal setting: Setting a goal to score a touchdown and then practicing daily to see it through teaches them the value of setting and reaching goals.
  • Time Management: Coordinating homework, time with friends, and time for family teaches children time management.
  • Work Ethic: Children who play sports regularly develop a work ethic. The desire to do and accomplish their sports goals helps with their future career goals.

Personal Responsibility

Parents can’t practice running laps, throwing curve balls, or any other sports aspect for their children. Kids must be responsible for learning and growing independently with their sport. This skill transitions into an adult who knows how to be responsible for completing projects, showing up on time, and more.

Career success is not guaranteed because a child plays sports; however, playing sports gives children a head start with the skills necessary for success. The professionals at Schaumburg Seminoles understand how sports prepare children for future accomplishments. Contact us today, and let us set your child on the pathway to success.

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