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The Top Lessons Learned on the Field

There are many lessons children learn on the sports field. Choosing the top lessons learned is objective and depends on who you ask. However, some life lessons resonate no matter who you ask. These top lessons learned on the field show that playing sports as a child teaches some valuable life lessons. 

Commitment and Discipline

Ask any professional player of any sport how they spend most of their time, and you will get the same answer repeatedly: practice. The commitment to practicing daily and disciplining yourself to eat healthy are examples of the commitment and discipline a child learns on the field. 

Playing on a team or in individual sports at an early age helps create habits in children that become a lifestyle. A child with self-discipline who can commit to something and see it through will handle life much better than those without discipline or commitment. 

Leadership Respect

Sports teams have coaches and leaders, and there can only be one. Playing sports teaches children to respect their leader, which later turns into respecting their boss. Coaches and leaders are in their position because they prove they can do the job. Children learn not to question their leader or, if they do, respectfully. 

Respect also means listening and taking advice from the coach or team leader. This lesson is sometimes hard because people naturally think they know what is best. But a child who learns this during childhood will excel as they can listen and learn from others. 

It’s Okay Not to Win

Parents want their children to win, to bring home the trophy. So much so that there are participation trophies so that everyone gets a prize. That’s not real life. Playing sports throughout childhood teaches kids that it’s okay not to win. Someone has to lose. It just means you try harder next time. You go out on the field and give it your all, then try again next time. You don’t give up.

In adulthood, this lesson turns into a spirit of perseverance. Losing the project to a competitor and not getting the job on the first try are real-life happenings that some young adults are unprepared for due to not being exposed to losing. Knowing it’s okay not to win is a valuable lesson for all children.

At Schaumburg Seminoles, we are committed to helping young people learn valuable lessons on the field that they can use in all aspects of life. These and many other lessons learned in sports help shape children into successful adults. 

Schaumburg Seminoles

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