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Youth Sports: A Pathway to College and Professional Sports

Participation in youth sports has become increasingly common over the past few decades. Children as young as 4 or 5 participate in sports. Many parents view youth sports as more than just a recreational activity – they see it as an investment in their child’s future. There is a growing belief that success in youth sports can lead to college athletic scholarships and even a professional sports career. But does early sports specialization truly provide a pathway to these goals?

Exceptional Performance in Youth Sports

Evidence suggests that elite-level performance in youth sports correlates with an increased likelihood of participating in college and professional athletics. For example, most Division I college athletes played youth sports at a very high level from a young age. Additionally, many current professional athletes displayed exceptional talent and dedication during childhood. 

Lebron James was a nationally-ranked youth basketball player by age 13. Tiger Woods won a major junior golf tournament before turning eight years old. The childhood prowess displayed by these professional superstars contributes to the idea that intensive training and specialization at a young age are necessary to reach the highest echelons of sports.

More Than a Pathway to Professional Sports

While youth sports may start a child on the pathway to professional sports, playing team sports does much more than prepare them for the game. In addition to honing their skills, playing sports as a child prepares them to be a team player. It provides social skills that are vital to becoming a professional player. 

During the formative years, children who play sports develop habits found in the best professional sports players. Discipline, respect for coaches and mentors, leadership skills, decision-making, and the ability to handle losses are all by-products of playing youth sports. 

There are no crystal balls to determine if your child will become the next Micheal Jordan. However, children who start sports young and continue to play throughout youth and into college have better odds of becoming professionals than those who only start playing later in life. 

If a child displays exceptional talent and motivation, gradual increases in training volume and specialization in the early teen years may be warranted. The professional staff at Schaumburg Seminoles understand the importance of specialized training to help improve young athletes. Call today and give your child an extra boost to becoming a sports professional. 

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