Youth Baseball

How to Get Ready for Youth Baseball Season

With the crack of the bat, the smell of popcorn, and freshly mown grass, it’s almost time for youth baseball season. Your kids are anxious to get back in the swing of things, but you want to ensure they are properly prepared. We have compiled a useful list of ways to prepare your kids for the youth baseball season

Check Gear

Now is the time to pull out your child’s sports gear and any new gear from last year. Go over each piece and make sure it is a good fit. Check gloves for wear and tear and make sure they still fit. If not, get new ones before the first practice and break them in before the first game. 

Check cleats to make sure your child can still fit them. If not, ensure you get the correct size before the season starts. Please have your child wear them to get comfortable in them. 

Contact team coaches to find out if your child needs anything special this season. If so, make sure you have everything before the first organized practice.

Home Practice

Now is the time to get back in the swing of things. Literally, get the bat and ball out and start hitting, catching, pitching, and grounding balls. Practice daily to help get them back into a routine and refresh their muscle memory.

Practicing also breaks in any new equipment they may have received as Christmas gifts. A new glove must be used before game time to ensure proper fit. Bats need to be swung to determine if the weight is a good fit for your child. 


Start early by encouraging your youngster. Let them know winning is not everything and that losing is part of the game. Explain that nerves are part of the process, and the other players are also nervous. Don’t make your child feel like you expect perfection. 

Healthy Habits

Start encouraging healthy habits such as getting enough sleep and eating right. This will help keep your child strong and healthy. Ensure your child has a water bottle with their ball gear to stay hydrated. 

Stress the importance of safety gear while playing, such as a sports cup for boys and faceguards for catchers. 

At Schaumburg Seminoles, we help you and your child reach for the baseball stars. Our baseball programs provide extra help for young ball players in hopes they become the best players they can be. Early preparation before the season starts shows initiative and makes for better players.

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