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Sports Practice Can Boost Your Mood

Has your child recently joined an organized sport at over the school, or are they gearing up to join a team this school year? Have you noticed a change in their attitude and mood? Relax! This is nothing to be alarmed of; in fact, it’s extremely common. Most people who engage in sports find that their mood and attitude tend to improve, even if they are not very good at the sport as of yet. This is why more and more parents are turning to activities such as baseball to help balance out their moods.

How Sports Can Enhance Your Mood

When playing a sport, or most any other physical activity, the brain releases a series of chemicals, including dopamine. Dopamine is our body’s natural feel-good reward system. It helps to improve our mood, make us happier, relax our bodies, and even reduces or eliminates stress. Sports, such as baseball, can trigger this chemical release almost instantly when we engage in these activities.

Baseball Can Help with Depression and Reduce Stress

Baseball, much like other sports, distract our minds from the daily worries that we might be struggling with. The need to focus on what is going on and the physical demands required to perform at a high level allow this to happen. Throughout the game or even practice, the day’s worries tend to melt away while also relaxing the mind and body.

Sports Can Improve Your Overall Mental Health

In terms of a person’s mental health, sports are considered one of the best ways to deal with stress and depression naturally while also allowing us to feel good about what we are doing and ourselves. Particularly with team sports, such as baseball, participants also improve their social skills. For many students, this translates into better relationships at school, which boosts confidence and enhances their ability to excel in their academics.

If you are looking for ways to help your child improve their mental health and get healthier all around, then contact the Schaumburg Seminoles today. We are more than happy to discuss these and other benefits of competitive baseball with you and your child. We look forward to hearing from you!

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