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What to Expect During a Try Out for 2022

Baseball tryouts can be a little unnerving for not only the athlete but also parents. What is it, as an athlete, am I going to be expected to do? What is it, as a parent, should I prepare myself for? These are some of the most common questions asked prior to the new seasons. We wanted to take a moment and share with you a little bit about what you can expect.

As an Athlete

As an athlete, you can expect to be broken up into several groups and cycled through a number of different stages. Some stations will be designated to evaluate everyone’s ability to pitch. Expect to throw to several different batters. Each of your pitches will be scrutinized over in terms of velocity placement, control, and movement. When it comes to batting, power, consistency, and smart decision-making are going to be critical.

Fielding the ball, as both infielders and outfielders, will be fairly similar. Evaluators will gauge how well you can track a ball, your reaction time, as well as your ability to plant yourself to throw as infielders or your crow hopping as an outfielder. You are also going to have to display your arm strength, your ability to hit your cutoff man, and when to overlook the cutoff.

Your overall speed and endurance are also going to be put on display, so make sure you start conditioning yourselfearly and remember to keep yourself hydrated. At the end of the day, you have to remember that we are here to be your coach. That means if you make a mistake, relax, and do not beat yourself up. We are looking for your mistakes and weaknesses and trying to determine if we think we can help you overcome those shortcomings to help make you into an elite, well-rounded player.

As A Parent

As a parent of a traveling baseball team or a local high school team, the tryout process is going to be pretty much the same. We ask that you keep your distance from the athletes and try not to interfere with any of them. We are all here to have fun and make sure we can all do the best job we can to help our youth athletes. As a parent, you are an important part of our team, so taking the time to learn the other players or identify players who would complement your own child is a great way to help nurture off-the-field relationships and something we encourage. If you have any more questions about the 2022 Tryouts, contact the Schaumburg Seminoles today!

Schaumburg Seminoles

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