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4 Tips to Avoid Being THAT Parent at the Game

Sports are supposed to be fun, and if kids aren’t having fun, they’re not going to get anything from their experience. Sure, a little healthy competition is good for them, but there’s a very clear line between “healthy” and being the parent who gets thrown out of games because you can’t contain your—enthusiasm. 

No one intends to become THAT parent. It usually happens innocently enough at first. The best thing that you can do is to remind yourself that the kids are here to have a good time and that your support makes all the difference in their success. 

Along with that, here are four big tips to help you avoid becoming the talk of the team for all the wrong reasons. 

Don’t Coach Unless You’re the Coach 

This one is pretty straightforward. You’ve seen these parents at sporting events, no doubt. They try to run the team, or at least their kid, from the sidelines, and the only thing it does is create confusion and irritation. 

You can give your kid tips and pointers, of course. But you shouldn’t be trying to take over the coaching position—that’s already covered. 

Don’t Referee, Either 

You’re also not a referee or umpire, and you don’t know what they’re seeing throughout the game. You’re not here to call plays and determine whether points count. You’re here to watch your child play and enjoy time with other kids. If there’s a serious incident or specific call that you don’t agree with, calmly pull the right person aside and voice your concerns. 

For the most part, though, just stay out of it. You’ll save face pretty much every time.

Don’t Criticize Other Players 

Amping your own kid up for the game and being mean to other kids are two completely different things. You can say something like, “Get out there and crush them, David!” but you’d better not be the parent yelling “Hey, who taught that kid to hit? He’s terrible!” 

You’re an adult. The players are children. Act accordingly. 

Enjoy the Experience 

We’re dealing with youth sports here, not the World Series. Children are enjoying their time whether they’re actually “good” at the game or not. You should enjoy the experience, too. Watch them play. Watch them learn. Watch them grow. It’s amazing what you see when you start paying attention. 

With these tips, you’ll spend more time enjoying your kids’ games and won’t have to worry about becoming one of “those” parents. That will make your kids more likely to continue their sports experience in the future. Contact Schaumburg Seminoles to learn more!

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