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How to Choose the Right Baseball Gear for Kids

A visit to the baseball section of the sporting goods store can be overwhelming for first-timers. When you’re dealing with kids, the options are even more plentiful and while that’s helpful, it can also be a bit intimidating. How do you choose a good glove? How should you size a bat? 

More importantly, how much is all this gear going to cost? Fortunately, you can find what you need within almost any budget if you know how to shop. 

Fit First

The experts will tell you that fit matters more than name brand, price, or anything else when it comes to choosing a baseball glove. Some parents want to buy an expensive name-brand glove that kids can “grow into” but that’s a mistake. Choose a glove that fits now, even if it costs less, and replace it as they grow. 

The same goes for sizing bats. There’s a trend of wanting to choose a longer bat that kids can grow into over the years, but there are several reasons that’s a bad idea:

  • Bats aren’t made to last as long as they used to be, so your kids might need to be replaced before they grow into it.
  • A bat that’s too long completely eliminates any chance of good bat control. A smaller bat helps kids learn control so they can drive pitches instead of just swinging and hoping for a hit.

Cleats and Shoes

Almost all youth baseball players will wear plastic baseball cleats, as opposed to metal cleats that are worn by high school, college, and professional baseball players. Be sure to check with your child’s league to see what shoes are required or recommended. As with the gloves and bats, look for fit first and don’t buy something they’ll grow into. 

Choose shoes that fit snugly and provide comfortable space for movement. Buy the discount shoes or the no-name brands for your kids – it’s okay. They won’t lose that many cool points and you’ll save a fortune when you’re replacing their cleats every year. 

Ask the Experts

When all else fails, you can ask for assistance from a few different people. Coaches are a great source of information and support, as they’ve usually dealt with this for several years. You can also ask an experienced sales rep at the local sporting goods store for assistance. Schaumburg Seminoles will be able to help you get your child outfitted for the game with ease. 

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