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Benefits of Youth Sports Participation

Playing catch in the backyard just might be one of your favorite early memories with your kids, but now they’re likely ready for something more challenging. Enrolling your child in a team sport can have huge benefits. As one of the top national baseball programs, we’ve seen first hand how playing on a great team can impact a player’s life in dramatic ways. As you think about the future with your tween or teen, consider allowing them to pursue baseball in an intentional way in order to help them achieve their goals.

Why Youth Sports Are So Important

There are serious benefits to participation in team sports. From physical stamina to mental resilience, involving kids, tweens, and teens in athletics reaps big rewards. Playing a sport promotes fitness in a fun and positive way. It increases body awareness, and encourages healthy habits at each stage in development. When the call to excellence is high, and the standards for training and performance are too, kids can respond by seeing just how much they can accomplish. We see this every year with our players.

What Playing with the Seminoles Can Do

We play at a high level, and we set a goal each year for each player in our program to be able to get visibility from college and pro scouts. Seminole teams regularly compete in the most elite tournament schedules in the state. Rec and park district teams can be great, but when you know your child is ready for the next step, tryouts with the Seminoles may be a good option.

Register for 2021 Seminole tryouts now; tryouts begin July 8th. This is a chance for your player (ages 12U – 18U) to be considered to play for the four time National Champion Schaumburg Seminoles Organization. Our commitment to achievement and excellence is clear, and we’re excited for next year’s new players.

Schaumburg Seminoles

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