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How Regular Sports Participation Through Childhood Can Help Kids in College

There is a growing misconception about childhood sports and how they can deter these children from bettering themselves in other areas of their lives. The truth of the matter is children who participate in organized sports from childhood through college see numerous benefits that most other children do not get to take advantage of.

Increased Discipline and Motivation

Adults who grew up playing a variety of organized sports regularly tend to have a greater ability to stay motivated. Not just when it comes to work and continued education, but all facets of their life. Due to this determination, they are better suited to overcome challenges both in the classroom and the boardroom continually.

Improved Academics

The days of call athletes’ dumb jocks are over. Studies have shown that most people who participated in sports regularly maintained an “A” average throughout their educational career, including college. This fact, coupled with the self-discipline and motivation previously mentioned, means young adults in college will be better equipped to juggle the intense rigors of a college lifestyle while still preparing for the future.

Improved Mental Health and Self-Esteem

Due to the competitive nature of organized sports, children look from a young age to learn from their mistakes and to adapt to new situations on the fly. This is a life skill shared by successful people worldwide and is not something taught in any classroom. They learn that failure is not the end. If you failed, you regroup, learn from your mistakes, and try again. This leaves young adults with the tools and skills needed to keep a positive mentality throughout life and roll with whatever life throws at them.

Better Overall Health

One concern many parents have when their children go off to college is whether they are taking care of themselves. Athletes tend to take better care of their bodies and eat healthier. This leads to stronger muscles and bones, as well as an increased metabolism.  In turn, college students report that they have more energy which leads to a sharper mind. It keeps them going through the daily grind of college life with minimal distress.

All four of the points mentioned above all lead to one thing: a happier person overall. When you are happy, you can focus more and get excited about the things you do. When you are excited about your education, you always do better. The Schaumburg Seminoles are here to help you and your child maximize their physical and mental potential to help them prepare for the next phase of their lives. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your child.

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