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The Values Kids Learn from Sports Go Far Beyond the Playing Field

A lot of people are under the impression that youth sports is simply an activity they can flop their kids into to help keep them from being bored or as a way to make friends. This leads to many parents finding ways to avoid any organized sport as it is eventually seen as an unnecessary waste of time and money. This could not be further from the truth! Organized sports offer numerous benefits, and is not just a cure-all for boredom or popularity!

Improved Academics

A lot of people believe that due to additional time that must be put aside to practice and participate in games, that a teen’s studies tend to suffer. In actuality, the opposite is true. The constant repetition of skills helps to stimulate the brain. This leads to an easier time memorizing new concepts and techniques, as well as retaining the information for longer.

Sports Teach Equality, Respect, Dedication, and Leadership

Regardless of the sport a teen is in, they are part of a team. Even with an individual event, like swimming, you still represent your team or club. Being a part of a team teaches our youth how to work together to achieve a united goal. Some of them even take it upon themselves to become leaders, offering advice or encouraging those who are struggling on the team to improve. This dedication not only makes our children more successful in sports, but it carries over into every other aspect of their lives, including their colligate and professional careers.

While everyone gets excited over a win, sports also teach our children to be gracious in both victory and defeat. Too often, kids who do not have sports in their lives give up when they fail or become depressed and shutdown. By showing that regardless of who wins or loses, we are all the same and we all tried our best, is a level of compassion many adults struggle to show.

In an age where TikTok and Netflix are digital extensions of our everyday lives, our children need the physical, emotional, and social benefits of organized sports now more than ever! Are you ready to help prepare your child for the future? Contact the Schaumburg Seminoles today to learn more about 2021 Tryouts!

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