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Social Benefits for Kids Who Play Organized Sports

Is it seems as though it is getting harder and harder for kids to develop good social habits these days. Maybe it’s because of the rise of digital and electronic communication. Children are staying inside and online much more these days than even a decade ago. But it’s not only their interpersonal skills that are suffering; it’s also many other things that you can only learn by being part of a group. Youth sports are a fantastic way to offer several of these life lessons in a fun environment. Here are a few ways organized sports impact your child:

Improved Self Esteem

Kids who play sports develop physical skills and talents that others who do not generally don’t have. Increased stamina, speed and strength, as well better mental focus are all developed more thoroughly through sports and coaching. When your child is confident in something that they do, it tends to carry over when they try new things.

Well Developed Social Skills

As was briefly touched on in our opening section, many kids and teenagers are displaying a greater amount of social awkwardness and anxiety. Because younger people spend so much more of their time socializing online and indoors rather than out in person, simple things like body language, facial expressions and tone of voice can all be confusing or unclear. Being on a team, traveling together and working with adult coaches daily, all help tremendously with these things.

Ability to Think and Perform Under Pressure

One of the biggest benefits to team sports is the fact that it teaches you how to make quick decisions and trust your instincts. These skills alone can make a huge difference in later academic and career life.

There are countless other reasons that playing sports is a great activity for children. Whether it’s a serious passion, a fun way to stay in shape or anything in between, kids who play sports just seem to get a leg up on everything else. Here at Schaumburg Seminoles Baseball, we help your child be the best that they can be on and off the field. Get in touch with us today to find out more!

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