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6 Ways to Use Sports to Motivate Kids

You want your children to enjoy sports as much as you do. It’s good for them to get out there and make some new friends, stay active, and learn all of the great lessons that come from being part of a team. Below are some great ways to motivate them to enjoy sports.

Let the Kid Pick the Sport

This is hard for some parents. You might live and breathe baseball and want your child to follow that passion. However, they might decide that they prefer tennis. Introduce them to different sports and let them choose. If they aren’t allowed to choose, they aren’t going to be very motivated to put in much effort.

Take Them to a Game

Once they have chosen a sport, take them to a game or match to let them see it played at a high level. This will be exciting and get them thinking about how to emulate those players.

Praise the Kids for Their Efforts

Remember to praise kids for their work in the sport and for getting better. No matter how much they might struggle when first starting, keep encouraging them.

Keep It Fun

When something is no longer fun, kids don’t want to do it. Make sure you never take the sport too seriously no matter how “big” the game might be. It is a game, after all. If you put too much pressure on your child or are the type of parent that screams at umpires, your kids aren’t going to want to play.

Be There for Them

Your kids will have both good and bad days when it comes to sports. You want to be there with them through it all. Always strive to make it to all of their games. Take them to and pick them up from practice. Listen to what they have to say when they are frustrated or worried. Just be a good parent and be there.

Provide More Opportunities for Training

Once your child starts to love the sport, they may want to go further. Look for more opportunities through training camps, summer leagues, etc. This can provide them with even more desire to keep at it.

Once your kids fall in love with a sport, they will have more self-motivation to continue and improve. Encourage this, but don’t ever pressure them to do more than they feel comfortable doing. Contact Schaumburg Seminoles to learn more!

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